Monday, August 26, 2013


September 3
Juicy Karkass (Portland), More TBA @ Odditorium 9PM

September 4
Haldol (Nashville/ Philly), Pissbath (Nashville), The Budget @ The Skanktuary 8 PM

Dirty Kills, Nutter, Claypool, Prick Bigot @ Odditorium 9PM

September 7
Dark Rides LP Release, Common Visions, Hot Mess Monster, Impossible Vacation @ The Odditorium (5$ at the door or 10$ & ya get the new Dark Rides LP!)

September 9
Steel Bearing Hand, more tba @ Odditorium 9PM

September 11
The Cellphones, Busted Chops, Birth, Leer @ Odditorium 9PM

September 12
TUFFSHITSHOW Benefit for Paddy! with Church Jerks (tape release!), Blood Summer, The Budget
(split 7" release!), Bad Fog @ The Odditorium 9pm

The Cryptides, Ouroboros Boys, The Krektones @ Double Crown 9PM

September 13
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa 7" Release! with Nude Beach (NY) and Suspicious Beasts (Tokyo) @ Static Age

September 14th
Dead to a Dying World, Unconscious Collective, +1 TBA @ Odditorium 9PM

September 15th
Snack Chamption, Real Live Tigers (TX), Minorcan, Twinklebees @ Odditorium 8PM

September 18
Common Visions 10 Year Anniversary Show w/ Bad Fog & Church Jerks @ Jason & Sarah's house

September 19
Ahleuchatistas, Bad Fog, and Cumulus @ The Odditorium 9pm

September 20
Nu-kle-ar Blast Suntan, Burnt Books, Sons of Tonatiuh @ Odditorium 9PM

September 21st
Burn Burn Burn, Busted Chops,  Andy Hatchett @ South French Broad House 8PM

September 24th
Onj, Kal Marks (Boston), Doomster @ Apothecary 9PM

September 25
Total Trash (Minneapolis), Prick Bigot, The Dimarcos @ Skanktuary 9PM

September 26th
Ruidosa Inmundicia, Leer, more TBA @ Odditorium 9PM

September 28
JUST DIE! Last show EVER with Fairground Avenue (Reunion), Roz Raskin & The Rice Cakes (RI), Drunk In a Dumpster, Suicidal Crack Babies ( Also their last show) @ The Odditorium 8pm

September 30
Shocked Minds (Members of Carbonas), Church Jerks, The Budget, Prick Bigot @ Odditorium 9PM

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