Tuesday, July 30, 2013


August 1st
Dishpit (MPLS), Babe Quest (MPLS), Bad Fog, Claypool @ Static Age 9PM

Room Full of Strangers, Wyla, Pleasures of the Ultraviolent, Them Teasters @ Odditorium 9PM

August 2nd
NEON FROTH - Art opening featuring Alli Good, Madd Maxx, Justine Briggs, Zach Briggs and Sarah Cavaleiri. @ Downtown Books and News 7PM

Beyond Pink (Sweden), Zombie Queen, Church Jerks, Suicidal Crack Babies @ Odditorium 9PM

August 3rd
Toxic Nostalgia's last show before hiatus! w/ Church Jerks, Snake Prophecy, The Tuff Looks (FL) @ Goblin Hole 8PM

August 4th
Demon Waffle (Johnson City), Crazy Tom Banana @ Odditorium 9PM

August 5th
The Budget, King Dirt, Terrorist (Miami) @ Skanktuary 8PM

August 8th
Motives (last show), Last of the Red Giants (Last show), Illusion the Owl, Carolina Kings, New Color @ Odditorium 9 PM

August 9th
Lynothrope, Discourage, They Eat Their Own God @ Skanktuary 8PM

Corsair (VA), ER Airplane (back on it!), Sharkopath (VA), Permanent Makeup (FL) @ Static Age 9PM

The Shine Brothers, Thats a Thing, Future West @ Double Crown 9PM

August 10th
Random Conflict (Alabama), Drunk in a Dumpster, The Budget, Killing Solves Everything @ Skanktuary 8PM

15 Dead, Population Zero, Autarch @ Odditorium 9PM

August 11th
Alarka, Polygons (Raleigh), Sovereign (Charlotte), Onj @ Odditorium 8PM

August 14th
Mourning Cloak (Greensboro), Xothogua (CAN), Show of Bedlam (CAN) Shadow of the Destroyer @
Odditorium 9PM

Mastodon, ASG, U.S. Christmas @ Orange Peel 7PM

Nato Coles and the Blues Diamond Band, Thee Loud Crowd, Drunken Prayer @ Static Age 9 PM

August 17th
Heaven (NYC), Knives and Daggers, Meghanz @ LAB 9PM

August 16th
Hot Mess Monster, Wimps (Seattle), Joybang @ Odditorium 9PM

August 18th
Jake Albriton, Steve Gilbert (TN), Carolina Wildmen @ Odditorium 9PM

August 19th
Author & Punisher, Compulsion Analysis (TN), Lunar Creature @ Static Age 9PM

August 20th
The Coathangers (ATL), Ouroboros Boys, Thee Loud Crowd @ Broadways 10PM

August 22nd
Gnarwhal, Busted Chops, King Dirt @ Skanktuary 8PM

August 23rd
Autolatry, Obsidian Tounge @ Odditorium 9PM

August 24th
Movie Star Junkies (Italy), Krektones @ Static Age

August 25th
Au Revoir (NJ), Sunlight Alumni (Wilmington), Birth, Leer @ Odditorium 9PM

August 30th
Thee Loud Crowd, Nothing But Net, Psychic Blood (Northampton), @ Static Age 9PM

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