Thursday, May 30, 2013

¡ JUNE ! 2013

June 1st
Derek Poteat, Nate Hall, Judas Horse @ The Apothecary, 9PM

June 2nd
New artwork by Madd Maxx, Bad Fog, Hot Mess Monster, Common Visions @ Rosetta's, 7PM

Discourse(SC), Just Die, Birth @ Odditorium, 8PM

June 3rd
Tar and Rosin, 13 Strings and A $2 Bill, Resident Rogues, Carolina Catskins @ Odditorium 9PM

June 4th
Zombie Queen, Sun Set Riot, Fucking Dyke Bitches, Dick Binge @ Odditorium, 9PM

June 7th

Thee Loud Crowd, Todays Hits @ Blackout Effectors

Live pro wrestling (What?), The Go-Devils, Ivan and the Terribles @ Orange Peel, 8PM

June 8th
Blood Summer, Triangle Fire (Athens/Greenville), Toxic Nostalgia @ Goblin Hole, 8PM

Vapo Rats (NOLA), I'm Fine (NOLA), We Kill Kids, Thee Loud Crowd, Suicidal Crack Babies, The Derks @ Skanktuary, 7PM

June 9th
Skullthunder, Sub X (ohio), @ Westville Pub, 9PM

June 11th
Olde Shame (RVA), Rad With Envy, Doppelganger @ Skanktuary, 9PM

June 13th
Megahurtz (last show.... seriously.) Ogre Throne, House Fires, Typhonic Age @ Odditorium 8PM

June 14th
Two Gallants(Saddle Creek), Morgan Stickrod @ TBA

The Body (PDX), Systems, Shadow of the Destroyer @ Static Age, 8 PM

June 15th
 The Krektones, Tuff Tits (Chattanooga) @ Tiger Mountain, 8PM

June 16th
Old Flings, The New Lows (FL), Means Well @ Apothecary, 8PM

June 17th
Grandchildren (Philly), Dogtooth (TN), Morbids, @ Apothecary, 9PM

June 18th
Choking On Ash (Nashville), Yautja (Nash), Busted Chops @ Odditorium 9PM

June 19th
Family Cat (RVA), Close Talker (RVA), The Dimarcos, Muscle and Bone @ Odditorium, 8PM

June 20th
Kylesa, Blood Ceremony, White Hills, Lazer/Wulf @ Asheville Music Hall, 9PM

Shellshag, Kreamy  'Lectric Santa, Magnets (NY), Robocop Three (SF), Church Jerks @ Odditorium, 9PM

Spirits & the Melchizedek Children (ATL), Abby Gogo, Soft Opening @ Broadways, 10PM

June 21st
Night Dogs (Chicago), Windmill of Corpses (AZ), Curch Jerks, Birth @ Goblin Hole 7:30 PM

Pawtooth, Warm the Bell, @ The LAB

June 23rd
Prisoner (RVA), Night Dogs (Chicago), Toxic Nostalgia @ Crooked Wood 9PM

June 24th
Sharkpact, Hard Feelings, Dharmamine (Last show) @ Static Age 8pm

June 25th
Chris Head, That's A Thing, Bellows (NY) @ Apothecary 9PM

June 26th
Cauldron @ Static Age 9PM

June 30th
Nun Hex (Miami), Devalued (Miami), Paradox (ATL), Violent Sects (NOLA, membs of Crackbox)
Toxic Nostalgia, @ The Getdo....Odditorium 8PM

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