Saturday, March 30, 2013

April 2013

it's been a year, and oh what a year.

Here's some things going on

Monday April 1
Recreant (FL),  Commonwealth of American Natives (TN), Joey Molinaro (NY), The DiMarcos, Leer @ Odditorium

Toxic Nostalgia & more for Wes's birthday! @ Crescent St.

Teepee (FL), Soft Opening, Cavepainter @ Blackout Effectors

Tuesday April 2
Vampirates (NV), Killing Solves Everything, The Warship Christ, Suicidal Crack Babies, Pleasures of the Ultraviolent @ Goblin Hole, 8pm!

Wed, April 3
Vampirates (NV), Objectum Sexuals (UK), The Vignettes (TN), The Budget, Church Jerks @ Skanktuary

Thurs, April 4
(Definitely cancelled!!!) Lost Tribe (VA), Toxic Nostalgia, Ennui @ Static Age

Bill Maltba Experience @ Town Pump

Fri, April 5
Pleasures of the Ultraviolent, Southbound Turnaround, Lions to Lambs @ Grey Eagle

Sat, April 6
Feral Babies (FL), Just Die!, Suicidal Crack Babies @ Static Age, 8pm

Low Down Sires (hot jazz), Resonant Rogues @ Jack of the Wood

Sun, April 7
The Shirks (DC), Nutter (Wilson punk),  Hot Mess Monster, Thee Loud Crowd @ Odditorium

Iyez (NY), Ouroboros Boys, Cadavernous @ Broadways

Mon, April 8
I'm An Intestine (FL), Toxic Nostalgia, Church Jerks, Ennui @ Goblin Hole

Wed, April 10
 Spirits & the Melchizedek Children, Meghanz, Jaye Bartell @ Static Age

Bob Band, Pawtooth @ Pulp

Thurs, April 11
 Street Gnar (NY), The NEC (Atl), Nest Egg @ Blackout Effectors

Fri, April 12
Underscore Orkestra, Resonant Rogues @ Toy Boat

Pawtooth (local wavers), Featured Creeps (Minutemen jams), Dharmamine (alt.punk shed rock), Full Tilt Sleaze (Hendersonville punk trio) @ The Boiler Room, 9pm.

Sat, April 13

Telecine (indie rock), Machiavillians (neo-No Wave jams) @ The Odditorium

Sun, April 14
Hobey Ford's Animalia (Western NC's master puppeteer, truly amazing stuff) @ Orange Peel, 4pm

Mon, April 15
Neptune, That's A Thing, Housefire @ Apothecary

Wed, April 17
Twin Tigers (GA), Future West @ Odditorium, 9pm 

Todd Killings (Athens, GA), Little Gold (NY), Morgan Stickrod, Toxic Nostalgia, Snake Prophecy @ Crooked Wood, 8pm
Thurs, April 18
One Timers (TN), Ol' Scratch (TN), Hot Mess Monster @ Static Age, 8pm

Fri, April 19
THRONES (Joe Preston of Earth, Melvins!), Common Visions (the champs), Lunar Creature (Dave & Meg!) @ Static Age, 9pm

Hollywood Kills (TN), The Campaign 1984 @ Odditorium, 9pm

Savagist (Athens, GA), Downbreak, Beasts of Legend @ Odditorium, 9pm

Sat, April 20
RECORD STORE DAY!  Go to Static Age or Harvest Records!  They got things going on.

Sun, April 21
Rivernecks (FL), Kreamy Lectric Santa, Ouroboros Boys @ Static Age

Holy Wave (Austin TX), Soft Opening, Dispersants @ Tiger Mountain

Mon, April 22
Daniel Bachman (excellent guitarist from VA), Wes Tirey, Shane Perlowin, Chris Head @ Izzy's, 9pm

Banned Books, That's A Thing, Doomster, Merryl @ The Odditorium, 9pm

Wed, April 24
Chris Corsano, David Daniell, Shane Perlowin & Tashi Dorji @ Apothecary, 9pm 

Fri, April 26
Landbridge (FL), Autarch, Body Father @ Odditorium...Jason's Birthday, Autarch's tape release and tour kickoff!

Zomes (ex- Lungfish), Mendocino, Gardener @ Apothecary

Sat, April 27
Akron/Family @ Grey Eagle

Mon, April 29
Dick Dale, Krektones @ Asheville Music Hall 


  1. Whoah!! I definitely didn't expect anything new to be posted when I came here. Way to keep us on our toes.