Tuesday, August 30, 2011


oh, Wed, AUG 31st:  MUCH WORSE (hardcore from MN), BRAIN TUMORS (MN), POX AMERICANA, THE BUDGET @ The Get Down, 8:30

dang, i need to get to some shows...maybe i'll make it to these...

Fri, SEP 2:
Whiskey Shivers, Blind Boy Chocolate & Milk Sheiks, John Wilkes Boothe & Black Toothe @ Emerald Lounge, 10pm

Sat, SEP 3:
Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? (NOLA), Common Visions @ Get Down, 9pm

Tues, SEP 6: 
Emperor X, The Front Bottoms @ Harvest Records, 7pm

Thurs, SEP 8:
Roz Raskin & the Rice Cakes, Just Die!, Curtains @ The Get Down, 9pm
EARTH!, Mount Eerie @ Grey Eagle, 8pm

Fri, SEP 9:
Slaw, The Dispersants, Manray @ LAB, 9pm

Soft Opening, Apache Dropout (Bloomington), Thee Open Sex (Bloomington) @ thee Get Down, 10pm

Sat, SEP 10:
Drunk In A Dumpster (Raleigh), Killing Solves Everything, The Budget, Speedball @ The Get Down, 9pm
SWANS, Sir Richard Bishop @ The Orange Peel

Acoustic Show! w/ PJ Bond, Andrew Virga, Ryan Sheffield, Horrible Harvest @ Pessimansion, 7pm

Sun, SEP 11:
Blind Boy Chocolate & the Milk Sheiks, Hunter Holmes, Clifton Hicks @ The Bywater, 5pm!

Dirty Marquee (SF, folks from Black Rainbow, Grumpies, Shotwell, more!), Cheveu (France!), The One Timers (Chattanooga!), The Dispersants @ The Get Down, 7pm pre-karaoke

Mon, SEP 12:
Hail Seizures (Olympia), Chin Up Merriwether (Olympia, as well), Chris Head (solo and awkward) @ The Get Down, 9pm 

Wedd, SEP 14:
Noose, Villages, Slaw @ BoBo, 10pm

Thurs, SEP 15
The Shakes (Seattle, poppy grungy awesome), Lindseys (Seattle), Rogue's Gallery (FL), Yes Ma'am (here!) @ Get Down, 9pm  

Fri, SEP 16:
Young And In The Way (Charlotte, heavy as hell), Old Mountain (local sludgers), more tba @ Get Down, 9pm

Sun, SEP 18:
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (CA to Asheville), Xambuca, Common Visions, Damned If I Do's @ Rosettas, 7pm! 

Reigning Sound @ The Get Down, 10pm

Mon, SEP 19
Acid Baby Jesus (Athens, Greece), Hell Shovel (mems of King Khan & The Shrines, Demon's Claws), Stockpile (Philly, ex-Witch Hunt), Sunshine SS (record release!) @ the Get Down, 9pm

Wed, SEP 21
Pile, Free Lunch, Critters @ LAB, 930pm

Thurs, SEP 22
Cough (RVA doom), Horseback, Soft Opening, Slaw @ Get Down, 9pm

Sun, SEP 25
Cross Stitched Eyes (ex-UK Subs, Ballast, more), Pox Americana, more tba @ Get Down, 7p-10pm 

Mon, SEP 26
Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits (CA), Tornado Rider, Keanu Phoenix @ Get Down, 9pm

Wed, SEP 28
Matt Evans, Justin Whitlow and Joshua Carpenter...playin us their songs! @ Family Night Records, 9pm 


  1. SEPT 15th

    SHAKES, The Lindseys, Sons of Young, Yes Ma am, Rogues Gallery @ Get Down, 8 pm

  2. will you add this for me?

  3. where is the show on the 19th going on?