Sunday, November 14, 2010

november events

the asheville community calendar is moving here! myspace/facebook in general is a total clusterfuck and neither are very direct.   so we hope this is a page that doesn't require you to spend an hour or two staring at the computer or delving into weird artificial social networking stuff.  we all need to leave our houses more anyway. the facebook is still there, the myspace probably won't ever be updated  & you can  get in touch with us by email:
tell your friends!

here's whats left of november:

Thurs, November 18
Juniper Bends Reading 1 Year Anniversary!!! lots o' readers readin' @ BoBo Gallery, 730pm

Fri, November 19
Uke of  Spaces Corners (Belfast, Maine), Rude Shed (here), Bob Boob {828}(here, as well) @ Downtown Books and News, 7pm sharpppp

The Cougs (FL, sounds like if Beck had a punk album), Fecal Japan (Knoxville), The Dispersants, Soft Opening (last show with Ross!)  @ The Get Down, 9pm

Sat, November 20
Edge Frat's last show w/ Pullman Strike (Charlotte), PJ Bond, Old Flings (here), POPES (brand new from here) @ Edge Frat (duh), 7pm

A Special  Treat!!!!
Static Age's official LAST SHOW w/ Peter Stubb (best shit ever, weird ass punk folk country from Dalton GA, not to be missed for sure), Globsters (one man powerviolence from Kentucky, really great!), Buck Gooter (VA) @ Static Age, 8pm

Tues, November 23
Loon (slow and heavy from RI), Werewolves (electro pop from CA), Pox Americana @ The Get Down, 9pm

Fri, November 26
Krektones and DJ Greg Cartwright @ The Get Down, 10pm

Sat, November 27
Wolves And Jackals (horrifically awesome metal from Atlanta, not to be missed!), Megahurtz (high quality speed metal crafted for you by your friends), SkullThunder (i heard drinks are on them) @ The Get Down, 9pm  

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